The LLARSEN Good Luck Troll collaboration is made out of our love for the small joyful creatures. We are proud of our mutual Danish heritage and love for the Danish design culture.

The story

The Danish wood cutter and manufacturer Thomas Dam created many unique pieces of art during his life. "The Good Luck Troll," his best-known work, achieved world fame in the 1960s. Thomas Dam's hallmarks were his special humor and his ability to see the small and funny things in life. He has a distinct style, which is strongly embedded in his work and is easily recognizable. 


Lucky embodies the LLARSEN brand vision Time for Everything and reminds us to be curious, enjoy life and have a good time. Lucky is a happy and curious soul that loves to travel and go on adventures all over the world. At times though, he appreciates relaxation and will therefore also be the perfect companion on your work desk, nightstand or bookshelf. Follow Lucky on his joyful journey around the world on Instagram or via #luckyllarsen.